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Bob Bonner

  • Mamma

  • Mr. 100%

  • My Momma Said

  • My Old Chair

  • My Song

  • My Years In The Dust Bowl (Republished 2014)

  • Ode To Leroy 2005

  • Ode To Leroy 2014

  • Ode To My Butterfly

  • Old Abandoned Barns 2008

  • Old Abandoned Barns 2014

  • Our Basement Still

  • Pearl Harbor

  • Such Is Life



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    Bob Bonner was a boy in Dalhart, Texas during the Dust Bowl. His parents struggled through with his dad working on ranches and in construction. Bob says the dust came through the windows and covered everything inside the house. His mom had the kids sleep with wet rags over their faces to keep their breathing clear of dust.  He married Velda after a stint in the Navy. They raised five children in California. He sold vacuum cleaners, raised oranges, ran a little store, and put up a lot of fences before retiring to the Northwest to be near his children, collect family photographs and tell the dusty stories of his life.


    I began to get to know Bob and Velda after starting to court their daughter in 1998. For some time he had been telling jokes with his grandson on video and sharing them with the family on the VCR. Connie and I encouraged him to write down his wonderful stories.


    One day a few years ago (2005) he showing up with his notebook of stories ready with a new one. He has been showing up to share his stories ever since.  With the passing of my parents in 2006 I no longer call Connie's parents Bob and Velda.  I call them mom and dad.  Please enjoy!


        Chuck Britt.

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